How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Spain

BBC iplayer is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world. The streaming platforms offer soap operas, documentaries, comedies, and diverse types of entertaining content. BBC iplayer offers a variety of different programs that caters to the likes of everyone.  

If you want to watch BB iplayer then you have to be in the UK to watch it. However, we have some good news to share with you. Getting access to the BBC iPlayer from another country is possible. It is not as complicated and tricky as it sounds. 

If you live in Spain and love to watch BBC shows, then it is very much possible to watch BBC iplayer in Spain. Read the guide below to know how to watch BBC iplayer in Spain.

Can You Get Access to BBC iPlayer from Spain?

While living in Spain, the BBC iPlayer app doesn’t work.  If you try to open the app it gives you to message: The BBC geoblocks the content and is only accessible in the UK. There are two major reasons for it. BBC follows the copyright procedures and owns its rights. They own the rights only in the United Kingdom.

If they let people stream their programming from other parts of the world then, the BBC has to own the rights in all these countries as well. They are not interested in doing because their targeted audience is the British market.

There are also shows on the iPlayer that don’t offer any licensing options for other countries. This is why these shows cannot be shown legally to viewers living outside of Britain.

BBC strictly follows the copyright and restricts its content to the United Kingdom only.

If you are living in the UK, then you must get a TV license to access channels like the ITV or BBC. This requirement applies to watching BB iplayer as well. Spanish residents don’t have a British TV license –and it is impossible to get it while living outside the UK. 

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Spain?

Accessing BBC iPlayer in Spaincan be made possible. You have to trick the service into thinking that you are living in the UK. The easiest and the most reliable way to do that is to use a virtual private network (VPN).

Here are a few quick steps to unblock BBC iPlayer using a VPN:

  1. Choose a VPN of your choice. Sign up for the service. Make sure to choose a VPN that works for BB iplayer. 
  2. Download the VPN and Sign in. 
  3. In the VPN appchoose the UK server and connect to it.
  4. Open the BBC iplayer and sign in to your account
  5. Choose a show to watch and enjoy it

How to Create A BBC iPlayer Account?

Other than a VPN, you will also need a BBC account to watch iPlayer in Spain. It is simple to create an account. You require a Television license to make an account on BBC iplayer. BBC doesn’t as invasive questions to figure out who has it and who doesn’t have it so you don’t have to worry about it much. You just need to sign up with a UK postal code. 

A screen will pop up and will ask you if you have got a license. You don’t have to prove anything when the question pops up. Simply follow the prompts, and your BBC account will be made in minutes. It is best if you create it while you are connected to a UK VPN server.

How Does a VPN Unblock iPlayer?

When you normally use the internet, you get access to the websites using the internet service provider (ISP). The ISP gets your device assigned to an IP address and this is the digital version of your home address.

The IP tells websites to send data when you ask for it. The IP address also reveals your physical location within a few miles. BBC can figure out your location through the IP address and can find out if you are in the United Kingdom or not.

A VPN is a private network with which your device can access the internet. It offers to do many useful things and allows you to encrypt and protect your data. The VPN also allows you to hide your identity and makes you anonymous online.

To use a VPN, you must connect to one of the servers. Most VPN services provide a dozens of servers to choose from. You can choose any one of them but if you want to get access to the BBC iplayer then you must choose a server based in the UK. 

After you connect your IP address changes to the IP address provided to you by the VPN service. The service is based in a different country and this is why the IP address will change as well. Choose a UK server, and the BBC iplayer will be fooled. They will not be able to see that your device is located in Spain. They will instead believe that you are accessing BBC iplayer from British soil. With the help of a VPN, you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting restricted due to geo-restrictions.

Is it Legal to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside of the UK?

Using VPNs in Spain is legal, so there will be no issues there. While you are accessing the content on BBC iPlayer in Spain it becomes technically legal, and it lies within the moral grey area.

The BBC could get in trouble allowing the shows streaming in another country other than the UK. They can face issues if the shows they are airing don’t have the rights to air in a certain country. This has never happened so far. 

It’s also highly, unlikely that you will be facing any such issues as that has not happened to anyone. Millions of people use iplayer abroad and they haven’t faced any issues as yet. If you are living in the UK, and are lying about the UK television license then this is against the law. These laws don’t apply in other countries, so you are safe watching the BBC iplayer in Spain.

What to look for in a BBC iPlayer VPN

Not all VPNs need to have the same features. When you are choosing one of the best VPNs here are some things you need to pay attention to. Let’s look into more details.

VPN Servers in the United Kingdom

The VPN you are using must have a server connected in the UK. If this isn’t so watching BBC iplayer in Spain will not be possible. You need to fool BBC by changing your IP with the help of a VPN. 

It is also important to notice that how many servers are available on the same VPN. It will give you a better performance. When the delays are little you will enjoy easy buffering and video quality. 

How does a VPN Unblock BBC iPlayer?

There are plenty of VPNs but most of them cannot work with BBC’s iPlayer. Maybe BBC is aware that there are a lot of VPNs through which people want to watch their shows. One of the biggest signs of a good VPN is that it can unblock these restrictions and help you watch BBC safely. Here is what a good VPN can offer:

Fast Connection Speeds

Video streaming gets disrupted if the internet connection is slow. No doubt the VPN you are using for unlocking BBC’s iPlayer should be fast and effective.

Customer Support

Even when all things are going smooth you may get some unexpected issues. This is where good customer support can help. You can ideally look for a VPN that offers good customer support. It is also a wise move to get in touch with the customer care team much before using the VPN. Users will get an idea of how efficient they are because even if they are available 24/7 doesn’t mean they will be helpful. 

Best VPNs to Watch BBC iPlayer in Spain

If you want to have the best of experience while streaming BBC iPlayer from Spain you need a fast and reliable VPN. Choosing a good-quality VPN can be a challenge. We will give some good options that users can avail:

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN happens to be one of the topmost VPNs for watching BBC iPlayer from Spain. It connects the users with 429 servers. The quality is excellent and it will unlock the Iplayer quite easily. You can get a good speed and free binge on your favorite British shows. This VPN can unlock this Iplayer in around 60 countries. You can get access to the movies and shows from Spain without any difficulty. You can try this VPN will a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Excellent speed of downloads
  • Good privacy
  • Latest features
  • Fast speed
  • Offers torrenting and P2P
  • Split tunneling is missing
  • It is a little pricey for long term

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is another good VPN that allows users to watch BBC iplayer in Spain. This UK server has good speed while you can expect zero buffering and image pixelation too. Even at the highest video quality setting, you will get unmatchable performances. Surfshark happens to be the only VPN that can connect you with an unlimited number of devices at one time. It doesn’t matter how big your family is as it allows you all to watch it. When it comes to the price package it is one of the most affordable choices for the users. 

  • Excellent privacy
  • Good performance from the server
  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable
  • Torrenting support
  • Speed can be slow at times

3. PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the finest solutions for streaming BBC iPlayer in Spain. They deliver what they promise. This VPN has around 1047 services that are based in the UK. It gives the users plenty of connection options. PureVPN will focus only on online streaming and the connection is optimized for better security. You can hide your real IP and get connected to watch BBC iPlayer in Spain. The price plans are affordable and you will get 31 days money-back guarantee.

  • Fast speed
  • Reliable connection
  • Compatible for over 50 devices
  • Affordable
  • Offers privacy
  • There can be temporary issues with the connection

4. CyberGhost

Much like other VPNs, Cyber Ghost works well to access the geo-blocked BBC iPlayer. In many homes, you will commonly see people using this VPN. It will help connect the users to about 7500 servers. The speed of this VPN is very fast constantly. It doesn’t matter how many devices you are using as it will connect with them all. It offers zero-logging to give a lot of privacy to the viewers. Even the customer support service from CyberGhost is top-notch. You also get a 45-day- money-back guarantee. It gives you plenty of time to give the users all they need.

  • Offers maximum privacy
  • Server distribution is excellent
  • Fast speed for connections
  • Allows P2P torrenting
  • Get connected to 91 different servers
  • Doesn’t have a manual setup

5. ExpressVPN

Express VPN is of the top VPNs of all time. It does well by unblocking the BBC’s iPlayer from Spain. It offers one of the best privacy features and has a good speed too. If you run into a problem the customer care service of this VPN is the best idea. You can get a 30-day money-back guarantee. This VPN is a little pricey but you can catch up with some coupons for big discounts. The back-end technology is also top-notch. However, even with the actual price, this VPN is worth spending money on.

  • Rich in features
  • Good back end technology
  • Many servers and locations
  • Top-quality speed
  • Good customer service
  • Not very affordable

Simple steps to watch BBC iplayer from Spain

  • Start with downloading Chrome, but if you already have it that’s even better
  • It will be easy to install Beebs and this tool will redirect you to the BBC requests
  • The BBC iplayer will be able to reload and start working within Spain  

How to Watch BBC iplayer On All Devices?

If you are using PureVPN there is no restriction no matter which device you use. You can easily watch BBC iplayer on many devices. Here are some of them:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4
  • Chrome Extension

Top Shows to Watch on BBC iplayer

Whether you are a first-time watcher of BBC iplayer. Or have been watching it for some time there are a lot of popular shows on this platform. You can start watching these shows and get your dose of entertainment:

  • Killing Eve
  • This Country
  • Fleabag
  • Line of Duty
  • Doctor Who
  • Normal People
  • Our Girl
  • Dracula


Can you watch BBC iplayer if you don’t have a UK license?

You can create a BBC iplayer account but a question will pop out. It doesn’t matter if you are a UK license or not but always click ‘’Yes’’. With this option, you are good to go. It is good that BBC iplayer doesn’t check your license.

How do I watch BBC iplayer in Spain for free?

No matter which part of the world you are in all you need is a BBC account. You can use a proxy or VPN to hide your British IP address and enjoy BBC iplayer easily. Many premium VPNs make sure you get full security while watching your favorite shows. There are simply no issues when it comes to buffer. Users can binge-watch shows across BBC channels safely and effectively.

Can I use a premium VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer?

Some of the best VPNs will help you browse BBC iplayer safely. It will enhance your streaming experience like never before. You can now stream content from BBC iplayer in Spain for free. Get the BBC iplayer VPN to enjoy unlimited browsing on BBC iplayer.

Have a delicious cup of Tea & Enjoy BBC iPlayer Anytime, Anywhere

Some of the best VPNs will help you browse BBC iplayer safely. It will enhance your streaming experience like never before. You can now stream content from BBC iplayer in Spain for free. Get the BBC iplayer VPN to enjoy unlimited browsing on BBC iplayer


You may find it challenging at first but watching BBC iPlayer in Spain is very much possible. All you need is the right VPN and help you unblock all the geographical restrictions. It gives you a fast and reliable connection that will also keep your security intact. We hope this guide proves to be useful for getting to know about the ways you can watch BBC iPlayer in Spain.

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