How to Watch Hulu in South Africa

Hulu is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world. People all over the world are crazy about shows and movies available on Hulu. Unfortunately, Hulu is not available in most parts of the world. Just like many other countries Hulu is not available in South Africa as well. However, you can still watch Hulu in South Africa by using a VPN. Hulu is not accessible in South Africa because of the geo-restrictions set by Hulu. Hulu is only available in the US region. So if you want to watch Hulu in South Africa you will have to use a VPN.

How to access Hulu in South Africa?

Are you looking for ways to watch Hulu in South Africa? If that is so then this guide will be helpful for you in many ways. We have provided the easiest ways to watch Hulu in South Africa. You can connect your devices with a VPN, and enhance your watching experience, and make it lasting and memorable. Here are a few easy steps below that can help you to watch Hulu in South Africa. 

  • Subscribe to Express VPN
  • Download and Install the VPN
  • Enter the information, and provide the Credentials.
  • Login to your account.
  • Select the U.S. server, and start streaming the Hulu website.
  • Enjoy watching Hulu shows and movies.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Hulu in South Africa?

Hulu is one of the most popular entertainment platforms in the world. Hulu has millions of active users, and many binge-watchers, who love watching quality shows, and sitcoms. If you are living in South Africa and cannot get access to Hulu, then you can watch it using a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows the users to bypass the restrictions and allow the users to stream from a server from another country. You can unblock to enjoy a secured connection with fewer and will have fewer issues and more security. Hulu owns 45% of the market shares in the US OTT market. It is a popular platform and gives Netflix a strong competition, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms. You will always be required to use a VPN to watch Hulu. 

How to choose Best VPN to watch Hulu in South Africa?

It might not be easy to choose the Best working VPN for watching Hulu in South Africa. If you want to choose the Best VPN to enjoy streaming Hulu in SA, then you must look out for some features. The major features that you need in a VPN to watch Hulu in South Africa are mentioned below;

  • Maximum Servers Placements Worldwide.
  • Security Protocols and Policies within Connection.
  • Responsive Customer Support Service 
  • Fast Unblocking Of Entertainment and Tech Websites.
  • Portability and Connectivity of the devices.
  • Top-tier Security Protocols and reliable Policies Embedded within the Connection.

Get Best VPN for HULU

The 3 Best VPN to watch Hulu in South Africa

This part of the guide will analyze the Best 3 VPNs to stream Hulu in South Africa. If you use one of these VPNs then your connection will have fewer connectivity issues. You will be able to enjoy a more stable connection as well.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs to watch Hulu in South Africa. The VPN offers great speed and connectivity. ExpressVPN is one of the best proxies that offers tons of security policies and protocols available within the network. These features ease users who are eager to watch quality networks. The VPN offers a quality connection and allows millions of users to join the network. The VPN has 3000+ servers worldwide.

The VPN comes with the best streaming speed and has high bandwidth and connectivity features. It endorses top-tier security protocols like AES-256 bit and offers the best encryption technique. It also comes with amazing features like the OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and strict Zero-Log policies. This refrains the service providers to maintain any log of users’ online activities. The proxy also offers another security protocol that is included within the connection. The feature is called Split-tunneling, and it splits the data packets into different packets. This helps to maintain transparency and integrity.

When you want to unblock the geo-restricted entertainment or tech website then you can use quality and fast servers and connect to a network like Netflix, Hulu in Singapore, Germany, NZ, Australia, UK, Romania, Malaysia, Canada, Amazon Prime, Voot Official, Disney+ Hotstar, and all other streaming channels seamlessly. The VPN offers fast Connectivity and allows the users to enjoy more security. A DNS server veils the I.P. address and hides the physical location of the users once they are connected to the server. This makes it easier for the users to use a network with a secure encrypted connection. ExpressVPN allows the users to connect five devices at a time. The VPN charges you up to $6.67/month for the entire year. It also comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee which is a bit higher than other service providers.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the best VPNs when it comes to price and affordability. All the users will like to avail these packages so they can watch their favorite shows. This VPN offers up to 3200 servers that are placed for different locations in the world. 

You will be happy to know that you don’t need to care about your privacy and security while using this VPN. They offer top-notch security features and the video quality is quite good too. It features an AES-256 bit encryption technique while there is an OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and Zero-log policy attached to it. The price of this VPN package at $2.49 mo per month. You can easily unblock many websites within minutes. Whether it is Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or others, in just one click you are good to go.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is packed with various features and functions that facilitate the watching experience. It is one of the finest VPNs as there are 54000 servers over different locations. The top-notch security features help the user watch their favorite shows conveniently. You will be happy to know that the connection is secure and high quality with good speed too. The AES-256 bit encryption technology will fasten up your downloading process. WireGuard auditing is another feature that offers security to the connection and maintains good performance. The 2-year package of this VPN will cost you $4.89 per month. It is a much affordable option as compared to other VPNs.

How to Create a Hulu Account in South Africa?

Hulu can be difficult to access even with a VPN. Many people do not know how to create a Hulu account in South Africa using a VPN. Hulu is an American-only service and they accept payments based in America only. If you enter your South African credit card details, then they will be quickly rejected. The same is the case with any PayPal account that is registered outside the US. However, Hulu accepts another form of payment and that is gift cards. You cannot visit a SA corner store and buy a Hulu gift card. However, you can purchase it online. 

Steps to create Hulu account in South Africa:

  1. Visit the website and buy a Hulu gift card. You can use a SA credit card, cryptocurrency, or PayPal to purchase the gift cards. 
  2. Check your email to find out your gift card number – it will take a few minutes to arrive.
  3. Open your VPN and connect to a US server
  4. Redeem your gift card on Hulu’s website.
  5. During the account creation process, you will be required to enter a United States zip code Choose a subscription plan
  6. You are ready to watch Hulu

Get Hulu gifts card from eBay

If you want to get Hulu Gift cards from eBay the process will be easy. It will help you watch Hulu in South Africa by hiding your real IP address.

  1. Start by visiting to purchase a Hulu gift card
  2. You will receive a code in your email to sign up with Hulu
  3. The next important step is to download and install Express VPN
  4. Select a server from the USA and open the website of Hulu
  5. Don’t forget to use the code while you are signing up for it

Now you are done with the account creation process and you can enjoy watching Hulu.

Hulu Pricing Plans and Strategies 

If you want to learn about the prices and plans of Hulu these are some of the offers that you can avail.

1. Basic Package 

The Hulu basic package is one of the finest package options. Its price is $5.99 but there are some advertisements featured on it. The advertisements can irritate the user as it interrupts their watching experience. 

2. Hulu + Live T.V. 

The next package is the Hulu+ Live TV package. However, it is a little expensive for some viewers. You will get 50 hours of non-stop DVR cloud storage. If we talk about the price it will be available at $64.99 per month. It will help you watch Hulu in South Africa without any issues.

3. Hulu (No Advertisement) 

Another package option is Hulu (No advertisement). As you will be already aware that this package does not feature any advertisement. If we talk about this cost, you can get this package at $11.9 per month. This package is one of the best for users who do not like to get irritated with advertisements.

Best Hulu Shows to watch in South Africa 

If you are interested in watching Hulu in South Africa there are many interesting shows available. Here are some of them:

  • Castle Rock
  • Pen15
  • Looking for Alaska
  • Future Man 
  • Little Fires Everywhere 
  • Ramy 
  • America 
  • Harlots 
  • The Act into the Dark

Best Hulu Movies to watch in South Africa 

If you want to know some of the best Hulu movies to watch in South Africa. Here are some good options:

  • PG-13 
  • Red Dawn 
  • Norbit Hotel Transylvania 
  • Greenland
  • Unleashed 
  • Shrek
  • Roll Bounce
  • Good boys
  • Inside Out

Why is Hulu not available in South Africa? 

Due to copyrights and distribution issues, Hulu is not available outside the USA. Maybe, for now, they want their content to be watched in the USA only. However, if you are still interested to watch Hulu in South Africa you can connect with a VPN. It will hide your IP address and let you browse Hulu for the US region.

What Devices are compatible with Hulu?

Let us look at the devices that are compatible with Hulu:

  • Windows
  • IPhone 
  • Android 
  • Mac Xbox 
  • PlayStation
  • Smart T.V.
  • Linux 
  • Roku
  • PS4

When will Hulu come to South Africa?

Many people are curious to know that when will Hulu be available in South Africa. Right now there is no news regarding when it will be available. We can just patiently wait for the day. For now, watch it using a VPN and hiding your IP address.

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